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The descriptions of the different alignments can be found in the respective guide Alignments of Spira/D&D.

Good Factions/Guilds

Order of Luna
Insignia alpha Saphire Dawn.png
The Holy Church of Divine Luminance Order of Luna Saphire Dawn
Lawful Good Neutral Good Neutral Good
A holy organization dedicated to the eradication of evil and the defense of the innocent, the Holy Church upholds the pillars of their god of Light, Oriens: 

Order and Good. Dedicated to rooting out monsters, punishing the wicked,

and aiding the common folk of Spira however they can in their ministries.

Blessed be the Light!

The Order of Luna serves as a place for were-beasts, and shifters in general, to come and learn to control their abilities without fear of being hunted, harmed, or used as a tool. A Neutral-Good faction that will offer aid to others when it comes to healing or a safe place to recover. Since they revere both Luna and Gaia, the goddesses of the moon and earth, they also feel it is their duty to protect the wilds from those that would destroy them and guard against over-hunting/poaching of the fauna, thus those druidic in nature often find a home with the Order. Any and all who share their beliefs are welcome to join no matter their race, so long as they do not harbor evil in their hearts. Set forth by the Goddesses they seek to eventually rid the lands of the one who corrupts the souls and twists the forms of others and calls them 'shifters'. As such, it serves to fulfill the neutral-good role of Spira factions and fills the role of natural/druidic guardians The Order of Luna is currently under the guidance of the High Seer, Stirling Aleanath-Kelvaia. The core value of this group's charter is the

betterment of life for all of those who dwell in Spira,

and we hope that discoveries made from there

exploration might help to further this cause.

They seek new herbs, exotic ores, and strange beasts.

In addition to knowledge, the Sapphire Dawn are also

happy to provide medical care and artisan assistance

to any individual as long as they refrain from directing

hostility toward there group or our research efforts.

Neutral Factions/Guilds

Black Garden Faction Logo.png
Blood Mark Faction Logo.webp
Arcanorum Logo
Black Garden Blood Mark The Arcanorum
True Neutral True Neutral True Neutral
Those in the Garden align

themselves to the neutrality of the Balance, that one cannot live without the other, but there are still laws that must be followed.


A mercantile group of all races

and creeds that share a blood bond to protect one another stand against slavery.

The Arcanorum is a group of entertainers,

performers, scribes, and storytellers. Collectors of information and behind-the-scenes actors that aim to help maintain the free will of Spiran Residents. Judging not on the traditional concepts of good and evil but instead simply on whether the actions of individuals or groups take away freedom/ free will from others. The Arcanorum always watches, The Arcanorum always listens, The Arcanorum knows.

Vae Victis Faction Logo.webp
Penitents Faction Logo.webp
Vae Victis Penitents
Lawful Neutral Chaotic Neutral
A militia of mixed origins who seeks

to control the evil corrupted threat so that the uncorrupted and innocents can be at peace.

A group of former criminals, monsters, and other abominations that focus on redemption and nature, balancing

corruption and purity.

Evil Factions/Guilds

Crimson Pact Faction Logo.webp
Reavers Faction Logo.webp
Creeds of Pan Banner
Crimson Pact Reavers Creeds of Pan
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
The Pact is a group of various

characters of all races and species looking to unite the land under the banner of the Crimson Pact and rule it with an iron fist.

A pirate group welcoming all types

of individuals who seek to be free, be it free to say what you want or do what you want - unless you're a slave of course.

The followers in the Creeds of Pan worship the chaotic Archfey Pan. As a result, most of their members tend to have a chaotic or mischievous nature.

Smiting any non-believers is always permitted.

Closed Factions

Herald of Mortis Faction Logo.webp
Placeholder view.png
Warpedcourt flag
Heralds of Mortis (Closed) Lunar Collective (Closed) Warped Court(Closed)
Lawful Evil Neutral Good Chaotic Neutral
The members of The Heralds of Mortis range in their moral

compass and levels of depravity, however all is clear that any one of the apostates seek an ulterior motive. These deceptions often lead them to hold less than good intentions for the most part.

The Lunar Collective stands to bring goodwill and security through action and arms. Be you one more aimed to help your fellow man, guide the lost, aid the wounded, or defend the accosted from danger.

We judge not on appearance or religion, but conscious action.

A group of researcher and spellcasters known as the Warped Court lurk in the shadows, seeking out knowledge and secrets hidden in Spira's shattered reality, particularly those that are obscure and forbidden.

No area of magic is too forbidden, and no lead isn't worth exploring.



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