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Is there a pantheon or specific gods in the world of Spira?

Spira does not have a singular pantheon you must follow. Your character can worship whomever they please. The only thing is you can't force people oocly to believe in your deity.

what is the best armor for my combat class?

To find the optimal equipment, you need to consider which classes you are more likely to face in battle. If it's the Magic classes, use more Defence in Magic, if it's the Physical classes, use more Defence in Physical. Good balanced equipment against both would be an Onyx Amulet, as well as Ebony Boots, Gauntlets, Vest and Leggings. With this set you are good against both classes in Defence. You can find specific equipment stats in the profession.

What is the best Weapon for my combat class?

Each class has its highest attributes and specific attacks. If you use a Dex-class, for example, the Azure Dagger from the blacksmith would be interesting. To find the best weapon for you, take a look at the profession.

How much Crafting Level do I need for each crafting book?

For the first book, you must have learnt the profession from the NPC in Foxsong in the CraftingArea. This then costs 50 shards. For the 2nd book you need to be crafting level 100, this will cost 4000 shards. For the last book you need to be above crafting level 400, this will cost 8000 shards. However, you must first buy a Crafting Licence from the Void Trader for 10 Wish Tokens.

How do i unequip gear?

To change or unequip your gear, you must buy Empty Tokens from the Void Trader. These are buyable for 6 Wish Tokens each. With each Empty Token you can unequip 1 Armor/Weapon.

There is a dummy in the OOC area, will consumable items that are used in it be used up?

Yes, they are used up. But their effects persist, in the case of food,drink and spell buffs.

I have a bug/error with a quest/skill/NPC, where should I report this?

Use the Spira bug report system. Posting in Discord chats can easily be overlooked. https://forms.trll.io/ibhIV7QT/bug-report

I am looking for item XYZ in a certain quantity, unfortunately I don't know any, what can I do?

You can post a search request IC in the Discord trading channel. Alternatively, you can place an order with Ryuk in the Void. This gives you the opportunity to get items from people who are in a different time zone to you. Prices can be found in the Spira Marketplace.