Gray Fox Couriers

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Grey Fox Courier
Grey Fox Courier Banner

Founder:  Sebastian Blacksun - Lord Chamberlain and Chief Advisor to Lady Lanai

The Gray Fox Couriers were originally founded within Ren’Takal.  It was a messaging service that provided couriers to travel swiftly through the realms.  Their task was to run messages from the sender to the sendee.  The couriers were generally made up of swift-footed gray foxes, Sebastian is always on the lookout for those who want to join.  For a while there they were friend/enemies of the Bilge Rats who ran the docks.  Those rats sometimes stole their business from them but it seems the Bilge Rats are no more.

The Couriers currently work out of the Town hall until they will get their own HQ somewhere in the town.  Couriers travel all over Spira delivering messages, packages, goods and resources.  Generally, they stick to just running messages for Spirans but if paid well enough can deliver goods if needed.

Gray Fox Couriers are asked if possible to wear a gray or white band on their arm or bandanna on their head, to show their membership.  

Anyone who wants to be hired as a courier needs to seek out Chamberlain Sebastian Blacksun.  


This is a NPC Guild of Foxsong Haven.   Anyone hired as a Gray Fox Courier will be protected by the Foxsong Haven Court.  If any harm comes to a Courier, the Court will deal with those who attacked harshly.  Couriers are paid for their services, they can set their price according to what they decide.