HUD-Effect Glossary

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Class-specific effects

Icon Debuff Name Effect Icon Buff Name Effect
Blinded -10 accuracy Arcane Step +4 INT, +4 WIS
Charmed -2 INT, -2 WIS. Blessed + 15 Luck, +5 Physical and Magical Evasion
Chilled -1 DEX, -5 Physical and Magical evasion. Boost Body +3 CON
Confused -20 Physical Resistance Boost Charm +3 CHA
Crippled -3 Dex, -3 Physical Evasion Boost Cunning +3 DEX
Cursed -15 Luck, -Physical and Magical Evasion Boost Faith +3 FTH
Dazed -10 Physical and Magical Evasion, Boost Insight +3 WIS
Drunk -5 Physical and Magical Evasion. Boost Might +3 STR
Exhausted -5 DEX, -5 STR Boost Mind +3 INT, +10 Magic Resist
Haunted -30 magic Resistance Brutal Step +4 DEX, +4 STR
Hexed -30 Physical Resistance Buzzed +3 Physical and Magical Evasion.
Hot +1 DEX, +20 Nature Resistance, -20 Water Resistance. Divine Aegis +5 Accuracy, +15 Magic Resist, +15 Dark Resist
Infested No stat effect, allows use of sprout death on target. Divine Favor +5 FTH,
Pollinated Resist Air +20, Resist Fire -20 Divine Step +4 FTH, +4 CHA
Ruin Body -5 CON Enlarged +5 CON
Ruin Charm -5 CHA Enraged +8 STR, +8 DEX, -5 Physical and Magical Evasion.
Ruin Cunning -5 DEX Focused No stats, signals the cooldown until you can use the focus skill again.
Ruin Faith -5 FTH Mage Armor +20 Physical Resistance
Ruin Insight -5 WIS Soul Charged +7 INT, +15 Magic Resistance
Ruin Might -5 STR Starchy Coating +5 Physical Resistance
Ruin Mind -5 INT Swift Feet +5 Physical and Magical Evasion.
Seduced -5 CHA, -5 FTH
Slathered -20 Focus Max Tracker (??)
Smelly -2 Accuracy, -3 CHA, +3 Physical and Magical Evasion
Static -20 Nature Resistance, +20 Water resistance
Sticky -10 Physical and Magical Evasion
Thief’s Gall - Brash -65 Thievery Skill
Thief’s Gall - Brazen -90 Thievery Skill
Thief’s Gall - Gutsy -40 Thievery Skill
Trance -3 DEX, -3 INT
Vexed Allows the enkindle vex attack to cause new debuffs.
Wasted -20 Physical and Magical Evasion.
Weaken Body -2 CON
Weaken Charm -2 CHA,
Weaken Cunning -2 DEX
Weaken Faith -2 FTH, -20 Magic Resistance
Weaken Insight -2 WIS, -20 Magic Resistance
Weaken Might -2 STR
Weaken Mind -2 INT, -20 Magic Resistance
Wet +1 CHA, -20 Air resist, +20 Fire Resist

HUD-specific effects

Icon Effect Name Effect
Tradesmoogle Favor You have received a GP Potion,

you can only get a new one

after X time at a Tradesmoogle.

Banish High Unsure, likely preventing using a banish scroll after using it once. Does not likely apply to Banish from guards, which auto-succeeds after success for a duration.
Battle High A cooldown that prevents anyone who switches into a T3 class from taking a villager or peasant class to avoid swapping on ‘crafting day’ for benefits, and swapping back.
Boasting Turns you red like an evil shifter, and makes you ‘hostile’, your alignment does not change by doing this, though people may assume you do. (NOTE, this does NOT permit you to set yourself OOC when boasting.)
RentalCooldown You cannot rent another room in Foxsong Haven with Shards for this period!
RentalTimerTavern You have rented a room in the tavern for this period in Foxsong Haven.