Lore of Spira Chapter 3 - Krampus and the Purge

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After the defeat of Tartares; life on the Sapphire Isles, the Desert Oasis and the Enchanted Forest calmed down.  There were marriages and celebrations.  Factions grew in number or faded from memory and existence.

Soon after there was sadness in the Enchanted Forest as Aoinle had noticed that her dear brother Nicholi had disappeared in the months leading up to Christmas.  It was normally a busy and special time for him as he prepared pranks and gifts that he liked to deliver mystically to one and all.

Aoinle travelled to the Village of Vanwe first then made her way down into the caverns.  Anyone she met along the way she asked if they had seen her brother who had gone missing.  She went over to the Desert Oasis then returned to the Village of Vanwe.  She searched high and low, spreading the word and asked people to keep an eye out for him.

Sightings of Nicholi began to occur, but it seemed that he was confused and lost, even having memory issues.  Strange memory orbs started showing up, giving people a brief view into Nicholi’s lost memories and the corruption he had both suffered and was fighting.

A large eye appeared in the ocean, drawing many a curious gaze and strange whispers that sowed the seed for something to come.

There were more sightings of Nicholi but he had changed.  He was dark, foreboding and intent on hurting any one who came near him.  He was also calling himself Krampus.  Many at first thought fighting him was the best way to defeat him.  Aoinle spoke to those willing to listen, pleading that they use the memories and the song she use to sing to him when they were young.

Some sang to him, others fought with him.  Over time; Krampus was worn down and the creatures that tried to control him were forced to relinquish their hold and a very confused Nicholi left briefly.

The Titania’s Children threw a great feast to celebrate the defeat of Krampus and his overlords, Christmas and the delight of giving gifts.  While at the feast, Nicholi made a special appearance.  He got into a fight with his sister, Aoinle.  Revealing how he got locked within Spira and was separated from his family when the Veil went up.  Aoinle told of how she had been locked out and had fought for a way in.  Brother and sister finally saw eye to eye and made peace bringing the grand Christmas Feast to an end.

There was still much to be said about Spira and the Veil with some groups seeking a way through for escape.  Others striving to spread rumours of hate and discord in regards to the Tirania’s Children who were seen as the Veils protectors.  While others just wanted to carve out homes and raise families in Spira.

The seed from the eye sprouted and whispered in the hearts of those tainted.  The Pans Blessed were most affected and called for a great Purge.  An attempt to kill, maim and hurt any who did not agree with their growing desire to destroy the veil.  One particular day, The Purge was given voice and erupted; causing all who has been affected by Pans Blessed Chaos and those seeds to go on a wild rampage.  They attacked friend and foe.

The Enchanted forest was attacked several times and fires were set.  The great tree known as Titania’s Solace was briefly touched by flame while the fae busily flew about putting out flames and tended to the wounded.  More attacks were heard of all throughout Spira until the time of the Purge came to an end.

There was a quietness throughout the land.  The Purge having sown distrust among many who were once friends.  Only time would tell if all Spirans would be able to get over it and trust again.