Lore of Spira Chapter 4 - The collapse of the Veil

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After the defeat of Krampus, there was peace for a while.  The water statue that was home and the gateway to the water elementals was never the same.  Life went on, there were faction battles, peace settlements, secrets, and intrigue.  The Sapphire Isles continued as it had in days past but something was going wrong.  The Purge that the Pans Blessed unleashed weakened the veil, and soon the elementals themselves began to break free from the statues that housed them.  Corruption rapidly spread from the water elementals to be used as a weapon by something that had been hiding behind Pan all this time.

The cave that housed the earth statue began to crumble while poison leached out from the statue and spread through the ground, the air statue unleashed crackling lightning and thunder making the weather around it unstable while the fire statue ruptured molten lava in the swamp.  Finally, the water element gave up its full surprise revealing it had been stewing for months with the touch of the infamous tadpoles that had attempted once before to take the realm.  The statues hissed and whispered promises of death and destruction, or attempted to enslave take over the minds of those that went near them.  Something dark and ominous was coming to the Isles.

The rains began to fall none stop, and the waters started to rise.  Thunder cracked and lightning flashed in an ominous manner.  Do’Abhi remained focused and hard at work drawing on all his knowledge of magic and spells to create a portal that would be able to send anyone left on the Sapphire Isle safely to other lands.  At the docks, Aoianle with the help of some of the fae folk and those left of Titania’s Children built a ship to sail north to the lost continent of Hisul.  Various last-minute stragglers, those who had lost friends or had been left behind found their way to the docks and Aoianle gave them the offer of escaping via her ship.

After three days and three nights, Do’abhi was finally ready as was Aoianle.  They went to the village to find those who had been left behind. As everyone gathered, skeletons appeared and a battle erupted.  The Skeletons were easily defeated but seemed too numerous as if the dead of the many settlements before this one were being summoned to rise up and fight.  The group managed to break free of the village that was now aflame and fled to the nearby open fields of the once happy farm with its apple orchards.  Harvey the horse had long fled as had many of the animals that called the Isle home.  A strange loud noise drew their attention to a odd-looking large floating eye with many tentacles sprouting from it.  Its mocking laughter invaded their minds, before taunting them all.

“You will never save this realm, this land.  It is lost.  The veil is down and now we are free to take what is ours to claim!”

The motley group drew their weapons and prepared for a final showdown against the tentacle.  Kaizen with his flying fists of rage, Roman with his powerful spells, Shumba and Kira side by side with blades, teeth, and claws.  Kaza with her tears of fury and powerful spells and attacks, the great winged celestial that dared to go eye to eye with the Eldritch monster, Core with his assassin blades, Tsuki and their plant power.  A few good warriors, mages, demons, and more stared down the Eldritch horror in a last-ditch effort to try and save the Sapphire Isles, but in the end, they bought time for the last refugees to board Aoianle’s ship.

Do’abhi used all his power and vitality to unleash one final spell that opened a portal and propelled survivors of this battle into the ocean not far from the Ship known as Sanctuary, almost dead he was dragged aboard and put to bed by his close friend Inigo.  Once all survivors were board, the sails filled with wind, and the ship fled in the wake of a final explosion as the sapphire Isles was destroyed in fire, smoke, and a terrible explosion like a volcano erupting.  Many a tear was shed that day as the companions bore witness to the end of the Sapphire Isles.

This might seem to be the end of the Sapphire Isles, but while the eldritch horrors seem to have won, there was the possibility of hope as amongst the floating rubble the ring of mushrooms remain glowing.  Hinting that the pocket dimension that housed the Enchanted Forest still existed.  On another slab of rock, the purple slash that opened into the fractured realm could be seen glinting amongst the smoke.