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Map of Foxsong Haven

This map is integrated into the HUD system. You can find it under [Inventory] -> [Maps] -> [Foxsong].

Foxsong Map Extra Brighter Zones

Map of Foxsong Haven FP/HP /Factionbases /Cave Entry

Map of Foxsong Haven FP/HP/FACTION/CAVES

Map of Foxsong Haven Mining Nodes

Map of Foxsong Haven Minernodes 001.jpg

Map of Ren'Takal (Destroyed)

With the conclusion of the final event, Giyan's spell seemed to have failed, causing massive havoc to ravage Ren'Takal.

Those who rallied against the necromancer were successful in preventing their final plan from coming to fruition and rescuing a large portion of the civilians and some familiar faces as well, although the lives of some were still lost.

Some players were unable to escape Ren'Takal in the end, and might be part of a curious fate

Map of Rentakal.png

Map of Somweyr

Somweyr Map2906 1.webp


  • Map of Somweyr made by Makunia