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Spira STC

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Guard Captain (Deceased - Ren'Takal)

Name: Razhul Rellington

Disposition: Stern, Honest, Cheery, Fatherly

Constraints: Will hold accountable the actions of others, no matter how minor. Will always answer truthfully. Has no issue arresting someone for breaking the laws of the area. Available Interactions: Asking for information on the various areas. Can report unlawful activity to. Can bail someone out of prison. Can bribe with wine and fine foods, can take/give bounties.

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Bathhouse Matron

Name: Beatrix Bela'Quiose

Disposition:Prim, Proper, Professional, Judgemental

Constraints: Will defend a patrons privacy, will be polite until disrespected, will allow anyone to use the facilities so long as they promise to not cause any harm to anyone. Available Interactions: Hire potential "help" for the bathouse, dismiss help from the bathhouse, give small hints of information on any goings ons in the desert location.

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Pirate Captain (Deceased)

Name: O'Shay

Disposition: Grumpy, Aggressive, Conniving, Dashing

Constraints: Will always try to get shards from players in any way possible, likely will take bribes for information on many of the npc's in the area, will give information on the Ocean Biome, will be far more friendly to dastardly types. Available Interactions: Bribe with shards, Fight, Seduce, Gain information, Give jobs to players

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Grave Keeper

Name: Naskul Deeproot

Disposition:Solemn, Respectful, Quiet

Constraints:Will defend the injured and tend to them to the best of their ability, will not attack unless provoked or someone disturbing the graves, can give information on the void, if asked directly will reveal the nature of Mortis Available Interactions: Medical services, last rights, speaking and communing with the dead, information on Mortis, Information on the void, hints regarding quests in the void.

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Thieves Spymaster (Tavia's boss) (Deceased)

Name: Ciris Aventail

Disposition: Cold, Ruthless, Not Nice, Calculating

Constraints: Has no issues offing a threat, will only work with individuals with a high enough reputation with the thieves guild. Doesn't talk or interact with outsiders. Only found in the sewers Available Interactions: Gives special quests for thieves guild related activities, can take/give bounties

Lanai Harkness Chancelor of Foxsong
Lanai Harkness Chancelor of Foxsong

Foxsong Chancelor

Name: Lanai Harkness

Disposition: Unsure of herself, feels thrust into her duties. She is resolute in doing everything she can for her subjects. She is kind, but just. She is a Shifter that just discovered this fact but has little skill in her newfound abilities. Her constraints are that she lives and views those she cares about from afar...She wants to be able to walk amongst her people but can't due to the frequent attempts on her life. She very much feels like a prisoner and gets depressed often.

Constraints: -/- ⠀

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Name: Giyan

Disposition: -/-

Constraints: -/-

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Ren'Tekal Chancelor (Deceased - Ren'Takal)

Name: Vark Harkness

Disposition:Stern, Authoratative, Judicial

Constraints: Will always seek the thruth and justice in a dispute, has a yearning for lemons, cannot lie Available Interactions: Seek audjudication for domestic disputes, Gain (potentially embelished) information on Ren'Tekal, Learn more about the Coral Council, Bribe with lemons, can give bounties

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The Moogle Overlord

Name: Moogus

Disposition:Calm, Cool, Suave, Mafioso

Constraints: Will always do something for Shards if he can make his way there. Is inherently large, massive even, has a hard time getting around and will often call people to him. Has no issues threatening people.

Available Interactions: Pay to have someone extorted, Pay to have someone whacked (hysterical NPC encounter), Pay for dirt on people (Mostly exagerated lies), Receive a deal you can't refuse (its a sweet roll).

⠀ ⠀

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Ren'Tekal Tavern Owner (Deceased - Ren'Takal)

Name: Vlive Squiddic

Disposition:Bubbly, energetic, drunk, haphazardous

Constraints: Will serve anyone, though will be discrete with yellow and yed titlers telling them to go upstairs or hiding them from other patrons, will always accept a drinking competition, will not engage in flirtation.

Available Interactions: Dirt on current quests, information on quests in Ren'Tekal, Information on the Council of Coral, drinking contest (title granted if you beat them), pay for healing