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Adventurer's Guild  Flag
Merchants Guild Flag
Thiefguild Banner.png
Adventurer's Guild Merchant's Guild Thief's Guild
Formally a band of explorers daring to adventure throughout the world, now bound and confined within the Foghar Settlement within Spira. The group seems to be run by a female elf that prefers to go by the name of Guild Master, and will usually grant work for those whom offer her their name. The Merchant’s Guild, located within the desert village of Al’Naeim, offers a variety of services to those who visit the location – from a bank to safely store their shards, to titles, locks, and even teleportation devices! It’s definitely a membership that everyone should be interested in paying the one-time fee for! The Thieves Guild is based in the Sewer and is led by Ciris Aventail, the Thieves Spymaster (Tavia's boss).
You can enter this faction in the Void at WSOC. This fraction is currently not implemented. Its only a NPC Guild, you cant enter it.
Emerald Guards Badge Blue Coats Banner Grey Fox Courier Logo
Emerald Guards Blue Coats Gray Fox Couriers
The guardians of the law of Ren'takal, since the fall of the city they take care of Foxsong and the trade routes in Somweyr. The Blue Coats are a militia and outlaws who search for magi-tech and artefacts. The Gray Fox Couriers were originally founded within Ren’Takal.  It was a messaging service that provided couriers to travel swiftly through the realms.  Their task was to run messages from the sender to the sendee.  The couriers were generally made up of swift-footed gray foxes, Sebastian is always on the lookout for those who want to join.
You can enter this faction in Foxsong in theGuard-Tower. Speak with Margrit. After this youneed to contact Guard Captain Razhul Rellington or a Guard Officer. Its only a NPC Guild, you cant enter it. This is a NPC Guild of Foxsong Haven.   Anyone hired as a Gray Fox Courier will be protected by the Foxsong Haven Court.  If any harm comes to a Courier, the Court will deal with those who attacked harshly.  Couriers are paid for their services, they can set their price according to what they decide.