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=== a roleplaying game in the Second Life Metaverse. ===

Welcome to The Spira Network!

Come join us and enjoy our medieval fantasy roleplay sim with a D&D style HUD.

Discord: discord.gg/cjkcC2x || Website: https://www.spiraroleplay.com/

This is a community-made wiki and information might be out of date or incorrect.

Helpful Links:

Scrib's Spira Crafting Book

Scrib's Spira Basic class Comparison Book

Scrib's Spira Basic Subclass Comparison Book

Spira Trades Center (find the prices for the items)

Sheet from Muffin to find a good Price for Trader

Player Event " Loot a Kobold" from Teekith

Quick Overwiew

NPC Factions/Guilds Classes Fallen Players' Stories Quests
Factions/Guilds Subclasses HUD-Effect Glossary Trader
Fellowships Professions Maps of Spira Bestiary
Bands Guides Library