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Books from Spira

Misc Books
The Ashes of Titania unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Primer on Magic for Novices and Initiates Estan Gothly
Bowgentle Book Bowgentle
Obscure Necromancy Vol.2 unknown
Heatless Torch Recipe unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Magic Lecture of Soul Siphon unknown
Lost Mythical Potions unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Altarions Herbarium: A primer on Spiran Flora Dashford Darkmatter
Historical Books
History of the Unicorn Run unknown
Lore of Spira Chapter 1 - Creation unknown
Lore of Spira Chapter 2 - Mischief unknown
History of the Fateful Coin unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Ra Khemet and Mortis unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Ruins of Aife unknown (Sigil Calamity)
The World Eater Ankyron unknown (Sigil Calamity)
The New World unknown (Sigil Calamity)
The Fall of Ren'Tekal - A Theatrical Play Sir Leopold Blun (Sigil Calamity)
On Lesser Archfey unknown (Sigil Calamity)
The Shipyard of Cristo unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Biography Books
The Story of Kaizen Heiral Raioku Molko
Lellyn’s Journal Lellyn
The Story from Moros, the Necromancer unknown
Deadlands Archive (Lost Books)
The Mages Deadlands unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Monastery of St Millens unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Deadlands Journal I unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Deadlands Spellbook KFB FWCSLVC unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Deadlands Map unknown (Sigil Calamity)
Faction Archives
Scroll of Pirates Code Raioku Molko
Scroll of Vae Victis Oaths Rana Zarco
Book of Penitents "The Blight" Madrona" WereScrib"
Sapphire Dawn Charter & Background Foxfyre Ihnen
Cultural Books
Pands of Xi Sigil Calamity
Orcish Cookbook By Unknown unknown
Elminster's Ecologies: Appendix IIIa unknown
Berserker unknown
Scroll with a Picture of a Ghoul unknown
Sea Section
White Mogli's Map of the Known World unknown
Weapons of the Sea Sigil Calamity
Ship Basics 101 Sigil Calamity
Various Ships: Active Class Sigil Calamity
Various Ships: Special Class Sigil Calamity
Various Ships: Ship Quality Sigil Calamity
Mogli Guide Sigil Calamity